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B Beautiful

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

My maiden voyage into the Sea of Blogs.... here it is! Honestly, I am so excited to finally get this started. What is B Beautiful? In short- it one thing, it is many things. It is just what it says "Be the beautiful person God created you to be- Be Different- Be Wild- Be Free- Be You". You are amazing and beautiful and God created you in his image. Embrace that. I say all of this but I am the first person that doesn't heed to own my words, so this is a journey of learning for me as well.

B Beautiful got started because every fiber of my being feels that it is my calling is to help others, maybe not on a huge scale, maybe just one person at a time, one animal at a time, one child at a time, I am not sure yet, I am still figuring it all out and I hope you will be here to figure it out with me.

As you all know, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer again... but this is not about me, my first item of business has been in the works for a very long time (approximately a year and a half). I am really hoping you can help me help a whole lot of people.

Many of you know I have been a Beautycounter educator/consultant since February 2019 and since then I have wanted to pay it forward. You see when I went through cancer the first time 13 years ago, they had a program called "Look good, feel good". It was a wonderful program where you would take a class with a makeup artist and you would get a goodie bag of products donated by different companies. The purpose was to make women who were going through chemotherapy, losing their hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes feel beautiful again by teaching them how to do their makeup and wig or scarf.

Do you know how hard it is to feel beautiful when your body is being ravaged by chemo? So this little blessing helped so many women. So you might ask, what is the problem then? Well, what I didn't know was many of the products included in the free goodie bag had horrible harmful ingredients in them... some even known to be cancer-causing!!!

I knew there had to be a better way.... a safer way, so when I joined Beautycounter it just all made sense. I found a better way! My idea of getting safer products to those going through cancer treatment was born. What did I come up with? Well, I want to start small, something everyone can afford, but still, something that will make a big difference.

I am teaming up with my goddaughter who makes really cool dyed apparel and we are going to do a buy one give one program!!! For everyone that buys a bandana and lip product from me, we will donate a bandana and a lip product to a person going through cancer treatment.

Something as simple as lip gloss and a pretty bandana can make someone feel beautiful again. So here is how it is going to work... you will buy a bandana from this site and I will ship it to you for free (Continental US) and then you will go on my Beautycounter website and purchase your lipstick like normal. I apologize for having to make two purchases but this is not Beautycounter endorsed, so they must be done separately.

My vision is for this to really take off so then I can bring it to Beautycounter and try to get them to do it with our Flawless in 5 because that would be perfect for someone going through treatment but unfortunately that isn't affordable enough for me to give one free. All of the "give one lipstick and bandana" will be purchased by me so they are no cost to you. Stay tuned for instructions!

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